1. What is +ADD THE JUDGE? 

A free service we offer at every show.  If you have your photograph made without the judge, we add that judge with ribbons to your photograph at no cost! 

     2.  Why was the judge not in my photo?  

In order to make every photograph beautiful, we do not go to the rings - all photographs are made on the podium.  If you or your agent came to have you photograph created and the judge was busy - no problem!  We can add that judge for you - FREE!

    3.  If the judge is already in my photo, can I add another one for a different win FREE? 

While you may order another win (judge & Ribbon / win board) to your photo, it doesn't qualify under the FREE JUDGE - order a COMBO package and choose how many judges / wins you need added!

    4.  What is +RETOUCH?

We offer light retouching to take care of things like:

            * wispy hairs

            * change faces on either handler or judge (maybe you were smiling better in a different one!)

            * close the dog's mouth (if he/she is panting)

            * Change wording on the win board

            * Move a foot

We offer many types of retouching - however, if you need a large amount of retouching additional fees may apply. 

    5. How long does it take to get my +Judge or +Retouch? 

We fill the orders in the order they were placed.  During the show we are not able to do any retouching / Adding judges photos, we begin those upon the following day after we return.  These times may be higher volume than normal, so we'll be working as they come in.  We usually have them done within 72 hours -  depending on the size of the show.

     6.  I NEED IT NOW! RUSH!

We know you may have ann advertising campaign or some other deadline and need it within 24 hours - choose the RUSH! option!

     7. Ringside / candid photos - how do I order them?

 We offer ringside or candid photos at some shows - you may purchase them individually from our website or you may purchase the ALL My Dog™ package (look under packages for this) - while we usually have this pre-paid at the show, sometimes it is only online.  

All My Dog™ package includes everything we shot for ONE DOG. 
        * Sign into your account
        * Put all the photos of the ONE dog in your FAVORITES folder by choosing ADD TO FAVORITES or click the heart icon
        * Choose ONE photograph from the series and purchase the ALL MY DOG™ package.  

We will go to your favorites and create a gallery for you to download.  We'll send you a link to download once it is done.  You will see a WATERMARK on the photographs; but it does not download to your computer. 

If you have more than one dog (that belongs to you - no sharing!) choose ALL MY DOG™ 2 or however many dogs you are including.


We offer many custom services inducing portraits taken at the show, etc.  We can create those into art works with custom backgrounds - please visit with us via email before you place an order.  These are custom works and come through our office.  

      8.  Specialties?

We do photography specialties; however, they are usually very long and expensive for us resulting in our not accepting those contracts.  However, we will do specialties under certain circumstances.  Officials and Ring / Candids!  Contact us Specialty?

     9.  How far from Texas will we travel?  

We service the entire US.  Contact us for details on out of State services.