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Marketing Your Club


Dog shows have been around for decades, and everyone knows where to find the information about your show and entry ..... right?

Maybe not!  There are so many activities drawing your potential exhibitor's attention your club has to be pro-active is creating an interactive marketing and information presence.  

How can Julien & Lambert help you?  You may not be aware, but we assist companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with their online presence, with everything from logos and websites, to bulk email to targeting individuals and campaigns!

We can help you market your club's dog show!   How?

Do you have:

~ website that is current and user friendly

~email lists from previous shows?  We can even put them into the correct format and get your list built!

~ a time line set up to send out information? Reminders? access to signing up with just a click? 

Do they know how great your show is?  

You have to tell people!  They may just not realize!  

Let us help you - the fee is nominal as we won't charge you for our work, if we are your official- we WANT you to be successful! 

We aren't your photographer? No worries!  We can offer marketing for your club at a small fee!  

Contact us today - let's see how we can help your club get those entries higher! 

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See you in the ring! 


Malinda M Julien, CPP

Julien & Lambert 

malindajulien@mac.com ( my personal email address just for you!)