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Welcome to our Website!

This website is dedicated to our coverage of dog show events.  We are excited to bring you a website that allows you to make your own choices and bring it to you fast!

Here is some helpful information to get you started. 

"How do I find my Photograph"?

We want your visit to be fast and easy - so here are some tips to find your photograph(s) fast!

1) The shows are shown in date order, with the most recent show being first.  Click on the show logo to enter that show.  ( They also list the city and month, year the show was in).  The logo is directly from the catalogue cover to help you find it.

2) To find your photograph(s) there are a couple of ways to do it: 
       a) The photographs are listed by Breed, Armband #, Day, placement, owner, Agent ( if listed in the catalogue) and judge.  The photographs are listed in alphabetical order by Breed.  You may simply scroll down to find your breed. 
       b) you may use the "search" function and search for your name ( as it was listed in the catalogue) or your agent's name ( if listed) or the judge's name.

"How do I purchase my photograph?"

We want you to have a great experience with our website. Your choices and how you want it.  Here are some helpful tips:

1) Which do you want? Digital or Print?  Both? Sure! you may have that as well!  Next thought: Do you have an edit you need to be done before you want the photo?  To purchase a photograph, simply click "buy" and then you may choose the "products" you want.  Follow the prompt to check out and purchase right there online?

2) How long will this take?  
             a) If you purchased an instant digital download - your image will be immediately available to you.  Just ensure the email address you checked out with is correct.  You will receive an emailed receipt and in that receipt will be "DOWNLOAD PAGE".  Click that link and download the image where-ever you wish on your computer.   
             b) If you ordered a print - it should be shipped to you within a couple of days.  You may choose the shipping you like - USPS ( Post office) or even Fed-Ex!

3) How do I know when to expect my prints?  You will be emailed when your prints are being shipped and there will be a tracking number along with it.  You may check that at any time to see where your photographs are. 

4) What if I want BOTH a digital version instantly and a professional print?   Look under "packages".  You will find a couple of packages there to enable you to get both. 

"I need something edited - what is available and what is allowed?"

We know sometimes things are not perfect and you really wanted it to be.  Not every win photo can be perfect, we only have a few seconds to get that shot and sometimes things don't go as you'd like.  Maybe your dog was tired or hot, overwhelmed by all the people, maybe YOU were tired, hot and overwhelmed.. maybe the JUDGE is hot and tired and overwhelmed. :)  It isn't a controlled situation like in a studio.  

"What editing is available?"

Some very simple things are:

1) change the win board - maybe you forgot to tell  us it was a "new Champion" win or a Major or something - win boards can be changed easily

2) Your dog's foot placement - Let's say that photo was just great, but the dog's foot/feet are in the wrong place ( posting, one foot too far up or back, etc.) we can edit that. No problem.  

3) You look better in one photo and the dog looks better in the other.  This happens quite frequently and is something we do regularly.  Just purchase the one of the dog you like and in the comments section write "use handler face (or whatever) from image# ST_1234. ( or whatever the image number is) 

4) Grooming - we can "cyber" trim your dog if we have some hairs being out of place.  Or tear-stains removed, nails trimmed back, maybe fill in where your dog had an IV or an injury and the coat is gone.

5) Adding a judge - This is something that is possible.  However PLEASE BE ADVISED...  we have to have the following information before this can happen:
             a) THE JUDGE'S PERMISSION.  There are some judges who do NOT want to be "added" to a photograph.  If they say "no", then we won't do it.
             b) we must be able to confirm the placement.  This will mean we have to see the posted results or see them at the show in the judge's book.

We don't always have the judge you missed. Maybe they didn't take any photos due to a restricted show or they were ill and unavailable.  If the judge is not available, we'll refund your money for the editing and you may have the image without the judge. 

6) Editing something that is our fault.  We are only human and many times running like madmen to get those shots.  Especially at large shows.  So sometimes WE get things wrong. We'll always be there when it is our mistake.  If ANY of these conditions exist, we'll edit it for you at regular price - no editing.  Just contact us BEFORE you order so we may fix the problem and reload the correct image: 

              a) We have the wrong win board - so if you won BOW and we have Group First  - obviously we made that mistake.  We'll fix that for you.  (if you told us it was a major and it wasn't or you didn't add Champion or such - those edits are to be purchased through "edited versions")
              b) Cropped wrong - maybe the photograph isn't centered or someone's head got cut off or a foot on the dog or something - chances are very good the original doesn't look like that - it just happened when we processed the image.  Contact us BEFORE you order so we may load the correct one. 
              c) Color is wrong - sometimes we have to work in some terrible lighting and your photograph needs some attention - again, while this isn't our "fault" it certainly isn't yours either :) Just let us know and we'll fix it.  Tell us BEFORE you order it. 

If you have questions about editing, please email us before you decide to purchase an edited version. We'll be happy to help you. 

"How do I order an edited version"?

Under "products" choose the edited version of either a print and/or digital and the order comes directly to our office.  Editing times will depend on the number of images you need to be edited and how extensive it is. 

We try to get it done on the same day you request it; however, we are not always available for editing.  We'll get to you as quickly as possible

"I need this immediately for an ad"

Purchase the Instant Digital Download

"I ordered the wrong image - I need the correct one."

Sometimes we just hit the button before we checked! Happens! No worries.  
If you ordered a print without editing the lab works fast.  So, the minute you realize it, please contact us with your order number.  We will try to get it stopped before they print. 

If you ordered a digital download - as long as you haven't downloaded it we can fix it.  If you have already downloaded it, you will need to order the correct one. 

We want you to be happy - we can't always make everything perfect, but we'll be here to assist you where we can. 

need us?  email us at k9malinda@mac.com or call our office at (817)681-9851 ( during business hours... M-F 9 am - 5 pm CST)

"Do you keep these photos forever?" 

In order to keep your costs down and make our website faster, we only keep the photographs online for 30 days.  Be sure and order during that time.  We will send out an email a few days before it expires.